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This is a list of tasks to be done in the first stage of developing the server, before Protocol 1.0 is fully designed:

  • change the layout of files to that described in the plan for version 1.0.
  • create a login page and placeholders of the Web Client and Administration Panel applications
  • move options from config.inc.php to a configuration table in the database
  • read database configuration from a simple config.ini file in the data directory
  • refactor the db abstraction layer so that there is no need for separate SQL schema files for each type of database but rather a single ini file with tables and columns
  • implement setup and update from version 0.8.4 including the option for creating the DB configuration file
  • create a simple page in the Administration Panel for editing options in the database
  • create a status page in the Administration Panel (checking the DB version, read/write status of attachments directory, etc.)
  • implement logging errors, cron runs etc. to a database table (with UI in the Administration Panel to display them)
  • implement a simple list of issues in selected folder in the Web Client
  • implement a simple issue details view in the Web Client

The goal of this refactoring is to have a server fully compatible with version 0.8.4, but with the new components and structure, improved setup and update process, configuration through UI, improved logging, and a basic skeleton of the Administration Panel and the Web Client.

For now we should not try to make the UI pretty; we will do that later when we have a skilled web designer in our team. Also we will only implement the most basic features in the Administration Panel and the Web Client and we won't modify the protocol in this stage.