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This is the current development plan of WebIssues. Note that it is very rough and constantly changing depending on the importance and effort required to implement the particular features. Use the Bugs & Requests forum to suggest new features that you would like to be implemented and to report bugs.

At the moment the third stage is completed and planning of the forth stage has started. The approximate date of finishing that stage is planned for the end of 2008, but it depends on the available manpower.

Stage 1

Server 0.8.0:

  • all protocol 0.8 commands

Client 0.8.0:

  • all views and commands

Server 0.8.1:

  • PostgreSQL support

Client 0.8.1:

  • attribute definition editor
  • smart links in comments and attribute values
  • quickly opening any issue by its ID

Stage 2

Client 0.8.2:

  • configuring the folder view, displaying custom attributes as columns
  • caching folder contents
  • docking the main window in system tray
  • automatically reconnecting after startup, restoring session state<

Client 0.8.3:

  • filtering and searching issues in the folder list
  • disabling views for which data is not available

Client 0.8.4:

  • issue history combining comments with changes and attachments
  • improved comment editor

Stage 3

Client 0.9.0:

  • user's manual
  • support for Windows platforms

Server 0.8.3:

  • user's manual
  • support for SQL Server

Client 0.9.1:

  • indicate access level, hide unaccessible commands
  • list of previous connections when disconnected
  • caching and opening attachments
  • change order of attributes in issue details

Client 0.9.2:

  • mark new/modified issues
  • notify about new/modified issues matching given criteria
  • importing and exporting configuration
  • proxy support
  • basic internationalization

Stage 4


  • server-side email notifications
  • simple web client (with AJAX, only basic functions)
  • tabbed user interface (as alternative to multi-window)
  • support for https communication
  • simple reporting tools (tables and graphs based on issues in a folder)
  • data exporting (to html and csv format)
  • printing (issue lists, details, history)
  • RSS feed generator

Stage 5


  • advanced web client
  • advanced reporting and analysis tools (including time axis)
  • deleting, copying and moving issues and folders
  • more robust permission system