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WebIssues is an open source, multi-platform system for issue tracking and team collaboration. See http://webissues.mimec.org for more information.

The purpose of this wiki is to gather information together for developers and advanced users of WebIssues. It's new but also used by the WebIssues Team to collaborate and share ideas.

Get Involved

      1. Wanted urgently...
   hackers and hacker mistresses and hacker masters into JSON, Extjs.com, php, style and fast. Check 
   Check : #webissues 

The current status of the project is that the Desktop Client has been pushed to as far as it can go on the current platform. It is stable, tested and tried. We are currently planning the Web Client and some more advanced features.

We are looking for developers (mainly PHP/SQL/HTML/JavaScript, also C++/Qt), testers, translators, documentation writers and packagers. Check out the Roadmap and Ideas pages to see how you can help. Contact us if you need wiki or SVN access.

The WebIssues Team:

  • Michał Męciński (mimec at mimec org) - team leader, maintainer of the desktop client and server
  • Peter Morgan (pedromorgan at gmail com) - maintainer of the web client

You can also find us on the #webissues channel at irc.freenode.net.

General Information

list of implemented and planned features
SVN Repository 
information about accessing the SVN code repository


technical documentation of WebIssues for developers
various standards and guidelines for WebIssues developers
place for proposing and discussing ideas of new features